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Five Unique Booth Models

From the black tie affair, to the rustic charm of a barn wedding...we have a photo booth for that! 

The Shutter Hutch Felicity

The Felicity is our newest addition and has surpassed our greatest imaginations for how warm and beautiful a photo booth could be. This is the culmination of all our design ideas and trials. From the reclaimed Queen Anne Legs to the custom millwork and the elaborate carvings, this gem will have people talking about your event for a long time! If you are planning the perfect event ... include The Felicity, not only does she provide hours of amazing entertainment for your guests but she will help put your décor over the top! Swoon!!! My Favorite!! J.

The Shutter Hutch Edison

The top portion of The Edison is a 100 year old Thomas Edison Phonograph Cabinet we have repurposed into a modern photo booth! It's sleek, straight lines are elegant with an almost modern feel. The craftsmanship is evident in the original carvings and warm Mahogany wood. The Edison is an open air booth which your guests stand in front of and can accommodate cute couples as well as large groups! 

The Shutter Hutch Serendipity

  The Serendipity... Our first completely original booth model. After repurposing the Edison and Meteor we needed something special! Thanks to our team of professional craftsmen the vision for this gorgeous photo booth became a reality. With each detail, from the crown molding, the custom milled dentil mold, and the dainty tapered legs, this model has become one of our most sought after photo booths! The Serendipity adds a touch of elegant class to the photo booth experience we all love! 

The Shutter Hutch Meteor

The Meteor, built by The Meteor Motor Company, is also a 100 year old phonograph cabinet and still boasts the original diamond disc turntable...the gears were already broken but we have given it new life as a unique conversation piece that provides hours of selfie enjoyment for your guests! The Meteor has a softer curve appeal with handcrafted details and all the original rich mahogany. The Meteor is an open air booth which your guests will sit in front of on the provided bench.

The Shutter Hutch 1901

We love to give things new life and we were so excited to find this amazing reclaimed wood from an old 1901 farmhouse in Stanly County! You can still see the original circular saw marks and the 100 years of distress that give the wood so much character. Despite The 1901's rough hewn look it has been meticulously built to show off a delicate whitewashed surface that is smooth to the touch with a mix of intricate wrought iron detail. The 1901 can be the perfect match for your venue and romantic country chic décor!

Just A Little Love

 Just a small note of big appreciation to all the people that made my little dream grow... from my cousin's wedding, where I discovered photo booths, to the fabulous ladies that help me run them every weekend and all my close friends in the wedding world! Can you believe the amazing photos                                                                   took of my photo booths!  I could not have done any of this without my sweet husband that believes in me when my ideas sound crazy and makes sure I sleep enough to keep on dreaming. Shutter Hutch Photo Booths and Films would not be a success without my father especially, with his equally big imagination, phenomenal woodworking skills, talented crew, and a daddy's heart to spoil his little girl with beautiful pieces of art that have created a legacy for my own children. We hope you love everything "Shutter Hutch" as much as we do... it is not a company you are including in your special memories, it is an extension of family. 



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